Take Action

Take action by signing a postcard, joining the conversation on social media, attending an event, setting up a “Hunger Table” at your place of worship, or by being a food hero.

Sign a Postcard

We have developed postcards that are available to sign and send to Premier Brian Pallister. These will be available at all gatherings and at locations of participating faith communities. Postcards are available for faith communities to pick up. Contact hungerfreemb@gmail.com. An online version is available here. 

Join the Conversation on Social Media

We’re harnessing the power of social media in many ways. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Then invite your friends to do the same! We’ll be posting daily throughout the month of October. Join the conversation by using the hashtag #StillHungry.

Attend an Event

Join us at an upcoming event. Click here for more information.

Church Signs

We’re encouraging places of worship to promote the message of Hunger Free Manitoba by changing their outdoor signage to “$3.96 and Still Hungry.”

Set up a Hunger Table

During the month of October, places of worship are invited to set up a Hunger Table to illustrate just how inadequate the current daily food allowance is for single women and men living on social assistance. We suggest that you set up the display on a card table or other stand-alone table. You might put three place settings on the table:  one for each of the three meals of the day. On the three plates, you would distribute only enough food that $3.96 can buy.

Example 1:
For breakfast:  banana, 1 glass water
For lunch:  ½ box of Kraft dinner, 1 glass water
For dinner:  ½ box of Kraft dinner, apple, 1 glass water
Cost: $3.71

Example 2:
For breakfast:  banana, 1 glass water
For lunch: penne noodles and tomato sauce, 1 glass water
For dinner:  penne noodles and tomato sauce, apple, 1 glass water
Cost: $3.87

Example 3:
For breakfast: orange, 1 glass water
For lunch: 1/2 can beans. 1 glass water
For dinner: 1/2 beans, 1 glass water
Cost: $3.80

Example 4:
For breakfast: orange, 1 glass water
For lunch: 1/2  can soup, 1 glass water
For dinner: 1/2 can soup, 1 glass water
Cost: $3.79

You may include a sign on or close to the table that says “3.96 and Still Hungry.” Be sure to include the Hunger Free Manitoba postcards for people to sign along with a box in which to leave the signed postcards. Often people living on social assistance are unable to afford bus fare to go to a larger chain grocery store. The examples provided are from food purchased at a small store in the West Broadway neighbourhood.


Be a Food Hero

Fighting hunger is no small task. Using the power of social media, we’re highlighting individuals and organizations who are making a difference for the many Manitobans struggling with hunger. If you’re a food hero or you know one, let us know what you’re doing to fight hunger in Manitoba. Email us at hungerfreemb@gmail.com.